Grab Your Eyeliner, Folks. My Chemical Romance Is Back!

It's time for the black parade.

Cover image via Anotherasia/Pinterest & 89.3 KPCC

Yes, you read that right.

The legendary rock band My Chemical Romance is reuniting after six years.

In March 2013, emo pop-punk lovers were left heartbroken over the band's surprise break up. Lead vocalist Gerard Way broke the news regarding the group's split in a lengthy, heartfelt note.

This year, fans everywhere are rejoicing over an unexpected comeback.

On 31 October, the band announced an upcoming live concert via their official Twitter account.

They shared a photo of their upcoming concert poster along with the caption, "Like Phantoms Forever..."

The band's reunion show will take place this December in California

Image via Alt Press

It will be the band's first live performance since 2012. Fans can catch them perform at the Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles on 20 December.

As of now, no additional shows or new music have been announced.

Netizens are already rolling out memes to celebrate the occasion

No one knows yet if this is a temporary reunion or if the band is here to stay. But we're excited anyway!

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