Marvel Has A New Superhero And He Is Malaysian

He is part of an all-new original team for Marvel Future Fight.

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Marvel has a new superhero and he is Malaysian

Identified as the searing Sun Bird, he is part of the all-new 'Warriors of the Sky' team that was unveiled at Thailand Game Show on Friday, 25 October.

The team consists of four original South Asian superheroes as the latest Marvel original characters created for Marvel Future Fight.

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Called Burung Matahari in Bahasa Malaysia, he was described as the guardian of the south who soars into battle and provides healing support to his team

His origin story is that he is a Malaysian pirate from the 1600s and was reborn by the power of his twin krises while sporting a haircut similar to Klang macha.

According to Marvel, the Sun Bird, possessing agile charm, seeks to make the most of his new life by supporting the world however possible.

Image via Marvel

This new team joins Captain America (Sharon Rogers) among others as the latest Marvel original characters created for Marvel Future Fight, a role-playing game (RPG)

The other members of this new four-member team are War Tiger from Thailand, Blue Dragon from Vietnam, and Shadow Shell from Taiwan.

In the origin story of the team 'Warriors of the Sky', Marvel said that the four legendary warriors defended the Temple of the Crescent Moon against all threats to Asia in ancient times and now as the evil arises once again, the spirit defender of the temple has called upon the heroes to unite and protect the planet under one sky.

According to Marvel, the team will soon come to the hit RPG mobile game!

Image via IGN

Meanwhile, Danny Koo, Senior Producer for Marvel Games, explained that each of the new characters has their own unique powers and different backstories for players explore

"We are excited to introduce this original team, Warriors of the Sky, to MARVEL Future Fight fans and expand on the continually growing, wide variety of character choices in the game," Danny was quoted as saying by IGN Southeast Asia.

Btw, there's a Malaysian character in the DC Universe codenamed 'Obscura'. She's a martial arts expert and spy.

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