This Year's PETRONAS Short Films Had Lots Of Easter Eggs! How Many Did You Spot?

The heart-warming finale will bring together all the characters from the previous episodes.

Cover image via PETRONAS | Edited by SAYS

PETRONAS never fails to warm our hearts every festive season with their short films.

This year we were treated to the #AnugerahKita series that celebrated Chinese New Year, Hari Gawai, Hari Kaamatan, Hari Raya, National and Malaysia Day, and Deepavali.

The series definitely brings back childhood memories of celebrating festive seasons with loved ones. Whether you're living in the city, at your kampung, or even abroad, each film will stir up fond memories of the good old days and remind you to treasure those closest to your heart.
Plus, their portrayal of ethnically-diverse lives effectively melts the hearts of every Malaysian regardless of generation, location, and background. After all, kita satu bangsa, satu negara, kan?

If you were paying close attention, you would have noticed something special about the #AnugerahKita series - all the episodes are actually part of the same cinematic universe!

To demonstrate this, there was some overlap between characters, as each video featured some sort of cameo appearance. Characters from previous videos came back in small but significant ways, showing how all the stories were intertwined.

Representing all the different cultures and backgrounds in Malaysia, the characters came together in a true showing of how beautifully diverse our country is. Each story portrayed different ways of showing how the characters loved, respected, and helped each other.

Did you spot them all? Let's take a walk down memory lane and see how many easter eggs you managed to pick up on.

Back during CNY, we panicked believing that Madam Chong had fainted while her daughter Lyann was overseas

Turns out, she was just learning how to use her new smartphone with the help of Siti, a friendly girl from the same neighbourhood who often comes over. Spot her behind Madam Chong's shoulder.

During Hari Gawai, we found out more about Siti and her family. We were overwhelmed with FEELS when the long-standing feud between her father Roy and his brother Bob was finally resolved.

In the scene above, Roy and Bob meet again for the first time in years and tensions run high as they argue. After the fight, a female chef-in-training checks on him to make sure he's okay. Remember her k?

We were introduced to Lorena during Kaamatan. The holiday brings her family together for the first time since her father passed away five years ago :')

Lyann makes a reappearance here, as Lorena's kind-hearted boss who allows her to take leave at the last minute to balik kampung for Kaamatan. She even tells her not to work while she's there, awww best boss ever!

Remember the chef-in-training? That's Soraya! She's the one who left us a sobbing mess at the end of the Raya short film, when we realised that she'd been trying to recreate her late mum's rendang recipe.

Bob makes a brief cameo at the start of the video, when he reminds Soraya to catch her flight. Later, when Soraya is shopping for rendang ingredients, she buys santan from a stall run by Aunty Jayanthi and her son Kumar.

For National & Malaysia Day, we met Roger, a young boy from Sabah who came to KL to attend university. Despite some initial struggles to fit in (we can all relate amirite?), he eventually makes good friends and truly enjoys his time at uni.

Guess who drops him off at uni on his first day? It's Lorena! It's unclear what their relationship is, but we can see that they're definitely close. She reminds him to call his mother and to make some friends.

As he looks out the window, we see another familiar face - Uncle Chong (in the Raya video, he ran a stall in the market) dropping off his daughter Jen at the same uni. Kumar also appears again, as part of the university's freshman welcoming committee.

And finally, Deepavali is Kumar's time to shine as we get a look into his childhood. The story of how he bonded with his grandmother seriously made our hearts melt!

There are lots of familiar guests at his Deepavali open house - from Roger and his friends, to Uncle Chong, and even Soraya. Of course, Aunty Jayanthi is there too. Just like any Malaysian open house, everyone is mingling and having fun together as they enjoy the festivities, especially all the yummy food.

Feel like rewatching the entire series? Here are all the links. Make sure to watch them in order, so that you can fully enjoy the #AnugerahKita cinematic universe. Don't forget to look out for all the cameos!

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#PETRONAS Gawai 2019 - Baju Burong Apai
#PETRONAS Kaamatan 2019 - Kinoulian
#PETRONAS Raya 2019 - Rendang SoRaya
#PETRONAS National and Malaysia Day 2019 - UNI
#PETRONAS Deepavali 2019 - Thanggam 

Psst! We hear that PETRONAS will be releasing the long-awaited #AnugerahKita series finale soon, and that it'll feature all the characters from the previous episodes.

We hear that the plot will revolve around a big wedding, oooooo! We wonder who's getting married. Did Kumar finally make a legit move on Soraya after constantly joking around about "masuk merisik"? Or maybe it's Roger and Jen who are now all grown up and tying the knot? We'll just have to wait for the big reveal to find out!

Stay tuned to the PETRONAS Facebook page for more updates.

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