There's A K-Pop Singer Called Klang And We Really Hope She Visits Malaysia One Day


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OMG guys, we've just made the most amazing discovery - there's a K-pop singer called Klang! :O

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Okay, so that's not her real name but it's still pretty cool! Park Da Eun a.k.a Klang is still pretty new to the K-pop scene, having only just made her debut in January 2017.

Unfortunately, we couldn't really find out much about her besides her real name :( So we have no idea why she chose Klang as her stage name or whether it means anything in Korean.

A quick Google search of the Korean characters 클랑 (keullang) apparently just translates back to Klang in English though, so maybe she did name herself after one of our most popular and notorious cities. We wonder if she knows about Klang's gangster reputation haha ;)

Curious about what her music sounds like? Check out her debut single 'The Wanted' below:

We've gotta say that we're loving her unique sound that's kind of different from other K-pop songs. She's got a good range and quite a powerful voice with a distinctive lower and deeper tone.

We also really like how the backing track of 'The Wanted' blends EDM elements with a country-ish guitar accompaniment. On paper, it totally sounds like it wouldn't work but it somehow does!

She's also done some pretty impressive covers of popular pop songs like '7 Years' by Lukas Graham and 'Pillowtalk' by Zayn Malik on YouTube, as well as sang OSTs for various Korean dramas.

Fans of 'I Can See Your Voice', a popular Korean variety show, may remember Klang from her appearance in episode 13 of season 4

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For those who are unfamiliar with the show, the basic premise involves K-pop singers appearing as guests to judge a lineup of mystery singers with the help of a celebrity panel.

Think of it as a singing version of the game 'Mafia' - the guest singers and celebrity panel have to figure out which mystery singers are truly talented and which ones are just tone deafs pretending to be talented.

Klang appeared as one of the mystery singers and was eliminated by TWICE, before wowing the crowd with an impressive rendition of 'When We Were Young' by Adele.

See for yourself how her powerful vocals blew everyone away, making TWICE seriously regret their decision to eliminate her

She opened up about her backstory after that elimination performance. Evidently she'd struggled for years to make a debut in Korea before finally getting what she thought was her lucky break. A Japanese recording company was interested in her and offered her a chance to debut there.

However, she ended up living in Japan as a trainee for seven years, undergoing extensive and difficult training. She endured it all in the hopes of finally making her dream come true, but eventually returned to Korea without being able to debut.

She teared up while talking about her grandmother, who was the person who most wanted her to succeed as a singer. Sadly, she passed away only a week before Klang sang on TV for the first time on 'I Can See Your Voice'.

Fingers crossed for Klang to come perform here at her namesake one day!

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Did you know that there are other international artists named after Malaysian cities?

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