'Totally Spies!' Is Getting A Totally Rad Reboot On Cartoon Network

The seventh season will premiere some time in 2024.

Cover image via Totally Spies! (YouTube) & Spot.ph

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Beloved kids animated series Totally Spies! is officially receiving a reboot and will be returning to our television screens

The era of reboots is doing justice for children of the 2000s once again!

After 23 years since its original release, animated sci-fi series Totally Spies! is getting a much-anticipated revival, with all its primary characters returning to the new series.

Centring around the adventures of three teenage girls from Beverly Hills, California — Alex, Clover, and Sam — the series focuses on their double lives as secret agents working for the World Organisation of Human Protection (WOOHP).

Emphasising critical themes in the form of friendship, teamwork, and determination, the animated show has become a cult classic. Snatching up some stylish yet intricate gadgets to be used at every mission, we've all tried to recreate some of their sleek fashions and witty catchphrases, with many fans still referencing the show at present-day.

The original version of the 'Totally Spies!' trio (from left to right): Clover, Alex, and Sam.

Image via Totally Spies! (YouTube)

Talks surrounding a reboot for the animated classic surfaced in 2022, when former storyboard artist for the series, Thomas Astruc, revealed that the show would be returning in 2023

"I don't know if it's already well known, all over the Internet or what, but I've just learned that there's a new season of Totally Spies! in the making!" said the artist in a tweet alongside a GIF of Alex, Clover, and Sam.

While the original series ran for six seasons, from 2001 to 2015, the French-Canadian show also spawned a prequel film that was released in 2009, detailing how the trio came to be fully-fledged secret agents at WOOHP.

Check out the original tweet by Astruc below:

However, it was eventually disclosed that the series' tentative release in 2023 has officially been pushed back to 2024

In a press release that was published by the French media entity and parent company of the show's distributor, Banijay Kids & Family, it was revealed that Warner Bros Discovery has acquired the rights for the upcoming series across the US, as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Commenting on the reboot, chief executive officer (CEO) and producer of Banijay Kids & Family, Benoît Di Sabatino, stated that Totally Spies! is an iconic show with strong female leads who have an aesthetic that has inspired an entire generation.

"The new series stays true to all the key elements that make the show so popular, but has been lovingly updated for a new audience, reflecting the modern challenges faced by both high schoolers and spies alike!" said Di Sabatino in the press release.

Fans of the original series will remember how the girls attended Beverly Hills High School in the first few seasons before going off to college in the later years. However, the Season 7 reboot will see the trio attending high school once more in a brand new city.

Official poster for the reboot of 'Totally Spies!' (Season 7).

Image via @InfosSeriesFR (Twitter)

The seventh season of the show is said to feature 26 episodes that are each approximately 22 minutes long

Di Sabatino is said to produce the entire season, while Stephane Berry, who directed five previous seasons of the show, will assume his original role for Season 7.

As for the actresses who voiced each of the girls in the series, it has not be clarified as to whether they will be returning to reprise their roles as Alex, Clover, and Sam.

The new reboot season of Totally Spies! is set to premiere on Cartoon Network for viewers in the US, while watchers in EMEA will be able to tune in to the series on Max (the new identity of HBO Max).

There has been no word as to which channel will be televising the much-anticipated series for Asia or Malaysia, though it's safe to assume that an announcement will be coming soon enough.

Image via Rotten Tomatoes

Check out the full announcement of the series coming to Carton Network below:

Click here to read the full press release on the reboot of the show.

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