'Teletubbies' Reboot By Netflix Drops First Trailer With New & Diverse Cast

"Over the hills and far away, Teletubbies come to play!"

Cover image via Netflix Jr (YouTube)

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Parents, get ready! The reboot of a classic children's show is returning to your screens, and you may be familiar with this one.

One of the most popular foursomes in television history is back — and this time, they've got a whole new spin to them!

Popular children's television series, Teletubbies, is getting a reboot on Netflix, with the beloved characters of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, set to return this coming November.

Official poster for the 2022 Teletubbies reboot.

Image via Netflix

While the heart and soul of the show is aimed at promoting the same values as its predecessor, the reboot is said to bring a modern day spin to the mould

According to the press release for the show, Teletubbies (2022) will continue following the group on their day-to-day activities, learning new things, and experiencing new adventures in Teletubbyland.

"Join colourful friends Tinky Winky, Dispy, Laa-Laa, and Po on wonder-filled adventures as they learn and grow in this 21st century refresh of the beloved preschool series," read a synopsis for the series.

Actor and performer Titus Burgess is said to claim the role of the narrator for the series, while the original series co-creator and writer of the show, Andrew Davenport, is said to return for the 2022 series as he did in 1997.

The series will consist of 26 episodes, each of which will be 12 minutes long.

Each episode will include new songs for the entire family, and a return of some other familiar, fan favourite faces

While some changes are being made to give a present-day feel to the series, certain characters are also returning to the show.

The Noo-Noo, known as the domestic vacuum cleaner pet and friend to the four, is seen in the trailer, waving his nozzle at Po.

The Noo-Noo with the Teletubbies.

Image via Netflix Jr (YouTube)

As for more current characters, The Tubby Custard Ride is also featured in the trailer of the series, introduced just as Burgess narrates, "Teletubbies love tubby custard!" 

Alongside the train includes the baby Teletubbies, also referred to as the Tiddlytubbies! Miniature versions of the grown ones themselves, these adorable babies were introduced into the Teletubbies world during the first reboot in 2015, and will now be reappearing in the second reboot series.

The Tubby Custard Ride.

Image via Netflix Jr (YouTube)

The Tiddlytubbies, Baa (blue), Umby Pumby (yellow), Daa-Daa (green), and Nin (purple).

Image via Netflix Jr (YouTube)

Lastly, who could forget the Baby Sun, who for now, seems to be taken up by multiple babies for this 2022 version.

Image via Netflix Jr

Making a splash for a whole new generation, and the grown adults who grew up watching the show, catch Teletubbies (2022) on Netflix come 14 November

Watch the official trailer for the series below:

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