[VIDEOS] Ariana Grande Wants You To 'Save Your Tears' With The Weeknd Remix

Plus, catch heartthrobs NYK, zeauk, and keshi's take on love in their latest releases.

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#NewMusicFlyday is our list of the hottest song releases, music videos, and exclusive interviews of the week

This week’s releases are R&B heavy, with Subang's very own NYK asking you "put [your worries and dreams] on him", followed by Manila-born zeauk who is hoping his track "will inspire and encourage everyone to appreciate the people around them".

Meanwhile, like i need u crooner keshi has his own take on exclusivity in a relationship.

On the flip side, pop sensation salem ilese wants you to look at all the things beyond your breakup. At the same time, we've got the gorgeous pairings of The Walking CD JJ Lin and English singer-songwriter Anne-Marie. Also pairing up are Chris Brown and H.E.R.

We've also got Ariana Grande's latest dabblings in The Weeknd's track, Save Your Tears.

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1. On Me - NYK

Malaysian musician NYK, born Nicholas Yung Kit, has been making waves with his R&B vibes and sticking to his promise to make "the best music that [he's] able to put out" with his latest track, On Me.

The track follows his album, Salt, derived from the term 'salty' — a slang used to describe people who seem irritated or angry, and is part of a "new era" for the singer.

NYK explained that he's "essentially just commenting on a lot of different things: toxic relationships, influencers, and dishonest friendships".

2. if we're meant to be - zeauk

zeauk, also known as Zeus Rectra, is a Kuala Lumpur-based independent music and visual artist hailing from Manila. if we're meant to be, written late last year, is a personal one for the singer-songwriter.

He shared: "It conveys the closure of a chapter in my life – and giving a sliver of hope to the listeners, depicting that if things are meant to be, they will always find a way to prevail all odds to work or to be together again."

Following a creative divergence, zeauk managed to establish his name and has built an online following through photography and creative direction since 2016, before venturing into the music scene in 2018.

3. Bedroom - JJ Lin, Anne-Marie

Music superstars JJ Lin and Anne-Marie have joined forces on a brand new track titled Bedroom, a ballad backed with a piano arrangement, showcasing the powerful and emotive vocals of the two artistes. The duo serves up a poignant duet that seemingly tells the same story but from two different unique perspectives.

The track is one of seven from his first full English EP, Like You Do. Also featured on the album alongside the award-winning Mandopop singer are Fernando Garibay, Nasri Atweh, Joshua Kissiah Cumbee, Ramiro Padilla, and Daniel Padilla.

Describing the songs on Like You Do as "a reflection of the darker version of myself", JJ shares: "I found a sense of healing, by reaching in and realising that true strength is found in embracing every version of the self. It's only when you strip yourself of all expectations that your every next step will be a form of gain and reward."

4. beside you - keshi

Produced by French musician and DJ Madeon, keshi is back with the first track from his upcoming album. The feel-good bop sees the 26-year-old's buttery vocals glide over the lyrics: "Say can I, make you mine?"

Not to be confused with his May 2018 collaboration with ok2222 of the same name, beside you is keshi's first single of 2021 and first single since the release of his sixth EP always.

5. about a breakup - salem ilese

Mad at Disney hitmaker salem ilese is ready to one-up her game with her latest track, about a breakup. The song, one of seven from her album (l)only child, sees the singer lament the fact that – despite all the good things in life – it's difficult to not feel something following a breakup.

Ilese took to Twitter to share "just a few things that are more important than a breakup…" to mark the release of her latest track, with some of them being "helping people who need it", "food.. just any food...", and "doing what you're passionate about… for me its making music".

6. Come Through - H.E.R., Chris Brown

Chris Brown has dubbed his collaboration with H.E.R. as the "song of the summer".

Following their first collaboration Come Together for his 2019 LP Indigo, the two R&B singers and Grammy winners have come together (heh, pun intended) again for a new track, Come Through.

The chemistry between the two is undeniable, as they sing:

"Tryin' hard, I been tryin' hard to breathe
Inhale, exhale, you expell what you been doin' to me
Fighting it off, you been fighting me off for weeks
Don't leave, 'cause I need ya"

Brown has been working on his long-awaited 10th studio album, Breezy. Meanwhile, H.E.R. is gearing up for her own album. She was recently seen in the studio with Dallas Austin and DJ Khaled.

7. Save Your Tears (Remix) - The Weeknd, Ariana Grande

Not only do we have a fresh remix, we have a fresh animated music video to accompany it! The Weeknd's hit Save Your Tears has gotten an Ari spin, with the 27-year-old Positions singer jumping on the track.

This pair first made their collaborative efforts public in their 2014 smash hit, Love Me Harder from Grande's My Everything album. The song went triple platinum. Then, The Weeknd co-wrote and was featured on Grande's song Off the Table from her most recent album, Positions.

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