"Songwriting Is Top-Notch!" — Yuna Praises SAYS' Hari Raya Parody Music Video

Local radio announcer Fara Fauzana also expressed her love for the music video. <3

Cover image via Jorge Solorzano/Live Nation TV & @saysdotcom (Instagram)

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SAYS has a tradition of creating parody music videos ahead of major celebrations in Malaysia, whether it is Hari Kebangsaan, Chinese New Year, or Deepavali

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

This year, we created a parody music video for Hari Raya based on Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield, and it caught the attention of our international music queen, Yuna!

The two-minute-and-40-second music video was dropped on the first day of Hari Raya, 10 April.

The music video begins with a short tune from Angau by Fahimi Rahmat, who appears as a special guest in the video, before SAYS talents Nasha Nazari and Adriana Zaba take the stage, singing about their Delulu Raya in the aptly titled parody song.

The song tells the story of two bachelorettes having fantasies of bringing their imaginary significant others to their kampung to celebrate Hari Raya.

At the time of writing, the music video has garnered over 80,000 views across all SAYS social media accounts

Yuna was among many Malaysians who expressed their love for the song.

"Songwriting is top-notch!" wrote the LA-based songstress with love and laughing emojis.

Image via SAYS

Other celebrities who lauded the music video include movie actress Fara Fauzana and TV host Daniel Cheang.

Image via SAYS

Some netizens also called for the song to be listed on Spotify.

Image via SAYS

Speaking to SAYS, the music video's songwriter, Suresh Yoganthram, recounted his joy at receiving recognition from Yuna

"Validation always feels good, but I can't take full credit. What are parody lyrics without a video to match?

"I'm honoured to be blessed by the queen herself!" said Suresh, a SAYS talent and music enthusiast.

He added that video producer Anith Marissa was the person who approached him with the 'delulu' idea, aiming to portray the societal pressure on millennials to get married and gen Zs to find love in a fun music video.

Despite their busy schedule, the duo worked overtime to bring the idea to life.

Meanwhile, Anith revealed that the idea came to her naturally.

"Every Raya, everyone will post sweet pictures with their partners and it's always got me thinking, 'What if I am like them?' So, my 'delulu' mind would work wonders to create these scenarios.

"I thought I was going crazy alone, but when I went on Twitter, I saw it was a common feeling many people share. I'm not the only one.

"Considering that I'm in charge of Gen Z content, I wanted to capture Gen Zs' Raya experience. Ultimately, I choose to go with something very close to me, Delulu Raya."

She added that the music video took two weeks to prepare, five days to edit, and one day to film, involving a total of 10 crew members and 10 talents.

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