11 Kitchen Renovation Disasters We Hope Your Contractor Won't Make

Who came up with these ideas?

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If you’ve ever had to plan renovation works for your own home, you’d probably know exactly what it’s like to liaise with contractors...

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... and how hard it is to get something right, because there’s always a chance that things could go very, very wrong, like in the case of these disastrous designs:

1. This kitchen drawer that is almost impossible to access

If you're planning on having an extended countertop, make sure your drawer isn't directly underneath it.

2. The fridge that got stranded on an island

Refrigerators aren't meant to live on islands.

3. This diagonal beam that you’ll definitely walk into everyday

Why would you even put something like that in the kitchen? Or is it supposed to be a slide for your kid to play on while you cook?

4. Or this vertical beam right at the centre of the kitchen

Of all places!

5. The world's tiniest kitchen island

If you don't have enough room for a proper kitchen island, skip it.

6. The kitchen sink perfect for washing long, rectangular pots

The sink is one of the unsung heroes of the kitchen. Make sure your pots can fit into it, or the person doing the dishes will be in for a wet ride.

7. The door that leads to... Narnia?

Or maybe it’s a special entrance for the pizza delivery guy.

8. The fridge that won't open

I guess you're gonna have to keep everything in the freezer.

9. This stove that always burns the countertop and wall

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Wood + fire = bad idea.

10. The kitchen with that awkward space

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Never leave awkward holes in your layout, even when you’re redoing your kitchen in The Sims.

11. These kitchen drawers that can never fully open

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Imagine the frustration of having to reach inside these drawers to retrieve your kitchen utensils.

All in all, kitchen renovation is an art that requires skill and great attention to detail

So the next time you plan on renovating your kitchen, make sure you get the right man for the job

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Here are a few more things you should know before renovating your home:

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