11 Of The Internet’s Favourite Memes That Are 10 Years Old In 2020

Old but gold.

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2020 has been crazy so far, we can't help but look back at what happened ten years ago

2010 birthed multiple viral sensations, such as the release of Justin Bieber's iconic song 'Baby'.

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However, the funniest viral online phenomenon of 2010 has got to be the memes that took the Internet by storm

From Keanu Reeves being sad to people feeling forever alone, the memes definitely made 2010 a little brighter.

1. Sad Keanu

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This meme originated after a paparazzi photograph of Keanu Reeves enjoying a sandwich by himself on a park bench went viral.

Ever since then, sad Keanu has been photoshopped in various settings, including on a roller coaster and even next to Donald Trump.

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Poor Keanu, he just wanted to enjoy his sandwich in peace. :')

2. Wojak/Feels Guy

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Wojak, also known as the Feels Guy, is a Microsoft paint illustration of a bald man with a sad expression on his face.

Something hit you in the feels? Then this is the meme for you.

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3. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife

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Antoine Dodson became popular after being interviewed about a man who broke into the Dodson's home in an attempt to assault one of his sisters in bed.

After the interview went viral in mid-2010, an autotuned remix of it was widely circulated online, garnering more than 145 million views over the next decade.

According to a CBS interview, the song was so catchy that it was brought onto iTunes, where its proceeds were enough to get Dodson and his family into a safer neighbourhood. The power of memes!

Here's how Dodson looks like, almost 10 years later!

Image via BETNetworks/Youtube

4. X, X Everywhere

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Here's a fun fact, this X, X Everywhere meme has nothing to do with the original dialogue in Toy Story 2.

This meme can be used for literally anything. Like when you open one of the cupboards in the kitchen:

Or when you're explaining what's on the Internet to a boomer:

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5. Forever Alone

Image via Know Your Meme

All you single people out there are probably far too familiar with this meme.

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6. Strutting Leo

Image via Know Your Meme

The Internet went to town after a photograph of Leonardo DiCaprio walking merrily towards the camera while on the set of the 2010 science fiction film 'Inception' went viral.

Just like Sad Keanu, Strutting Leo has been Photoshopped into every situation imaginable, but we're not complaining because the pictures are hilarious.

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7. Condescending Wonka

The Condescending Wonka meme comes from a screenshot of the 1971 musical film 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'.

It's frequently used to call people out on all of their bullsh*t, or simply just to insult others.

Like when customers try to teach you how to do your job:

Image via Complex

Or when your co-worker won't stop complaining about their Monday blues:

Image via Runt of the Web

8. Y U No

You know this meme is old when it uses SMS language. The Y U No meme is used to show anger and exasperation about things that secretly enrage people.

It's not grammatically correct, but everyone just gets it.

Like when someone didn't text you back even though they're online:

Image via We Heart It

Or when you're a fresh grad but jobs are still asking for working experience: 

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9. Lie Down; Try Not To Cry; Cry A Lot

Image via Know Your Meme

Originally, this meme was a parody of a workout poster to depict the pain that comes with exercising. 

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However, it later evolved into a way of expressing humorously exaggerated sadness.

Like when you realise you're a failure in life:

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10. Shut Up And Take My Money

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"Shut up and take my money!", the perfect catchphrase to use when you want to express enthusiastic approval towards a product or an idea.

Like a device to stop people from talking:

Image via Me.Me

11. Pusheen

Image via Pusheen

Pusheen, the cute grey tabby cat, originated from a 2010 animated webcomic series. With it’s extremely adorable face and chubby body, there’s no question why it went viral.

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Too. Cute.

You probably also know the 'Woman Yelling At Cat'. But what you may not know is the sad true story behind it:

Let's not forget that time when Najib was turned into memes:

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