"Why Never Add Me On Facebook?" And 12 Other Awkward Questions Relatives Will Ask This CNY

Lai liao, lai liao.

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The festive season of awkward questions are here again, but we have a feeling they might be slightly different this year

Don't get us wrong - we still can't escape the usual "got boyfriend/girlfriend or not" and "how many A's you got for SPM" questions. However, we noticed that our uncles and aunties have 'levelled up' and start to ask newer and more difficult questions. 

Here are some of the newer questions we heard and are quite sure you'll be getting this year:

1. "Boy / Girl ah, why you haven't approve me on Facebook?"

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Most of the aunties and uncles are on Facebook now and they're wondering why you haven't responded to their friend request. 

They'll all be on Instagram soon. Just wait. 

2. "How come I can't see anything on your Facebook? You never post photo meh?"

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Erm... that could be because we put you on the restricted list? Trust us, there are a lot of things you don't want to see on our Facebook timelines.

3. "Wah, you got so many friends on Faceboook... which one is your boyfriend / girlfriend?"

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4. "Why you so quiet in the family WhatsApp group?"

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There are just too many messages going around that we have no time to read or reply them.

5. "Your Instagram photos... why you don't look at the camera one?"

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Because 'hipster' ma...

6. "Why your Instagram got food photos only, but no photos of you?"

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Because food looks... nice D:

7. "I heard [insert random cousin's name] got 1,000 followers on Instagram. You leh?"

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Another way for competitive aunties to compare their kids' achievements with you. 

8. "So when's your turn to give angpow?"

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Ok we will get married and give angpows one day but please don't rush us. Boyfriends and girlfriends don't just fall from the sky, you know?

9. "Wah you're a [insert your job]! Next time must give me free [insert your company's products or services]."

Uncle, everything give you for free then we can't earn money. 

10. "Why call me aunty only? I'm your ah yi / da gu / jiu ma!"

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Especially true when you come from big families. Sometimes we get confused with the Chinese terms for paternal and maternal aunts. 

What do you call your grandma's cousin's son's wife anyway? 

11. "New year got buy new car or not? Got so many sales why didn't buy?"

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Not everyone is as rich as you, uncle. 

12. "Oh you're a designer! You design angpow or not?"

Image via BeamNG

Well... no. Not all of us design angpows. 

13. "Girl / Boy, can send me life on [insert random Facebook game]?"

Image via PBS

Please don't spam us with requests. Pretty please.

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