Baby Born At 7.11PM On 11 July Gets A College Fund From 7-Eleven

The convenience store chain considers the baby '7-Eleven's Best Future Customer'.

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24-hour convenience store operator 7-Eleven recently made a pledge to fund a baby girl in America who was born at 7.11pm on 11 July. Surprisingly, the baby also weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces.

The convenience store chain pledged to fund USD7,111 (RM29,000) worth of college money for J'Aime Brown, who is affectionately referred to as the '7-Eleven Baby'.

According to USA Today, 7-Eleven wanted to "honour her entry into the world".

J'Aime Brown was born to Johntez Brown and Rachel Langford in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on 7-Eleven Day (11 July).

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According to the mother, she started noticing a pattern when she saw the numbers 7 and 11 throughout her pregnancy

"I thought it was weird at first, and I didn't know that (the numbers) meant so much," Rachel told CNN.

 "A lot of the times (during the pregnancy) I would look at the clock and it was 7:11," she added.

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When 7-Eleven heard about J'Aime from a local news, they immediately sent goodies to the family

According to Business Insider, 7-Eleven spokesperson Christina Figg said that the company sent newborn basics such as diapers and 7-Eleven onesies to the family.

Figg also shared that J'Aime is '7-Eleven's future best customer', adding that they couldn't believe the news when they heard it.

Rachel expressed that she was 'completely shocked' by 7-Eleven's act

"I kinda freaked out," said the mother, adding that she and her husband were grateful for the company's generosity.

The parents also shared that it was difficult to work and care for their kids at the same time, revealing that they have a six-year-old child as well.

It’s hard for anybody to even get a trust fund for their children. To get a blessing like that, it just helps a lot.

Well, this is one hell of a coincidence and one that ends on such a sweet note. Way to go, 7-Eleven!

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Meanwhile, ever wondered why the 7-Eleven logo is spelled with a small 'n'?

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