80-Year-Old Grandpa With No Smartphone Made Himself A Stamp To Check In Everywhere He Goes

Uncle living in 3020.

Cover image via China Press Johor

An elderly uncle in Kluang, Johor found the most convenient way to register at any location without the need of a smartphone

With standard operating procedures (SOP) still in place under the Movement Control Order (MCO), everyone has to register themselves before entering a premise.

It is easy for people with smartphones to use MySejahtera, while those with no smartphones will have to handwrite their information in logbooks provided.

However, according to China Press Johor, 80-year-old Gan Hwee Loon, hailing form Kampung Sungai Sayong, found a quick and convenient way around both of that.

He has simply been checking in to places with a stamp that has his name and phone number on it.

Gan told the Chinese daily that he made a stamp mostly because of his poor eyesight

He said that firstly he owns a simple handphone so he is not able to scan the codes to check in.

Furthermore, his aging eyes made it very difficult for him to write every time he visits a place. And he did not want to bother people for help every time he went out.

So, he spent the best RM20 ever and ordered a stamp

"I bring it around with me all the time now, doesn't matter if it is to go eat, drink tea, or even shopping. I just need to press the chop gently on the logbook and carefully close it again," he said.

 "It is very convenient and time-saving."

Alternatively, help check in your grandparents or children by adding dependents on your MySejahtera app:

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