A Model Fainted After A Hairdresser Cut 12 Inches Of Her Hair Without Telling Her

The incident happened on live TV.

Cover image via CapaMagMagazine/Twitter

Recently, a model fainted during a live television show after a hairstylist cut 12 inches of her long hair without informing her

The show, 'Kuaförüm Sensin' (You're My Hairdresser), is a reality contest in Turkey featuring a host of stylists using their skills on models and competing for a grand prize.

According to Daily Mail, on this particular episode of the reality show, hairstylist Bilal Ağın wanted to cut his model İlayda's hair to support a project for cancer survivors called "Let My Hair Be Your Hair". Bilal, however, failed to let İlayda in on his plan.

What happened next was nothing sort of dramatic as İlayda burst into tears after finding out just how much her hair was chopped off by Bilal without informing her.

As the model burst into tears, the three judges appear stunned.

Meanwhile, Bilal smiles and smirks while holding the clump of hair as other stylists and their respective models look lost for words.

Feeling humiliated, İlayda takes off her robe and heads for the door. But she appears to faint as an assistant quickly grabs her.

The clip from the show went viral after it was shared on Twitter

A person using the Twitter handle @samiinovaaaa shared the clip, captioning the moment, "I'm SCREAMINNNN why is that so relatable tf".

Other Twitter users have since empathised with the model

You can watch the full video here:

Speaking of hairstylists, this six-year-old boy will probably put Bilal to shame with his next level hairstyling skills:

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