All Smiles For Brave Kakak Who Catches Rat With Bare Hands While Family Screams In Fear

Move over exterminator, kakak is here to steal your thunder!

Cover image via @chuithing (TikTok)

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We always dread the day when we find out that we have an uninvited guest in our home.

Whether it be a rat, cockroach, or something scarier like a snake, it's always such a pain to catch the nasty buggers and get rid of them.

Well, lucky for this social media content creator, Chui Thing Lim, whose awesome kakak is absolutely fearless when it comes to catching vermin in the house.

In a recently viral TikTok video, Lim shared how brave her kakak, referred to as Ah Nee, was when they had a rat scuttling around the house.

Speaking with SAYS, Lim said that Ah Nee ran up to her and her family while they were having dinner and told them that a rat was on the loose.

Armed with a broom, a trash can, and a badminton racket, Ah Nee and Lim's boyfriend proceeded to confront the rat while Lim took the role of a cameraman

In the video, the rat can be seen running up and down the side of a wall and even into a prayer alcove to avoid capture.

Although it was fast, it wasn't fast enough for Ah Nee because, within a few seconds, she had it cornered against a wall with the help of Lim's boyfriend.

With a flourish of her hand, Ah Nee picked up the rat with a huge smile on her face, seemingly proud of managing to catch the little home invader.

The whole saga ended with Ah Nee taking the rat outside the house before letting it go.

Lim's video has since garnered 1.1 million views and 48,800 likes, with many netizens praising the housekeeper's bravery for catching the rat

Some netizens called her Superwoman and added that she deserved a gold medal for her bravery.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Move over abang bomba, kakak is here to steal your thunder!

You can watch the full video of Ah Nee catching the rat below:


Kakak is the best YYDS

- Chuithing Lim

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