Amazon Japan Is Selling Chest Muscle Padding For Men Who Don't Have Time To Work Out

It creates an illusion of a muscular chest.

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Are you one of those people who say they should hit the gym and build some muscle, but never do?

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Whatever your reason may be, Amazon Japan is now selling chest padding for men who need a little boost in the upper body area

Image via Amazon Japan

You simply put the padding over your shoulders and under your clothes to create an illusion of a muscular chest

Image via Amazon Japan

According to the product description, the chest padding is made of nylon, making it very breathable

The padding comes in two colours - beige and black.

The beige one costs 4,980 yen (RM188.95), while the black one costs 5,580 yen (RM211.71).

Image via Amazon Japan

The product is also supposed to motivate the person wearing it to work out because they are able to picture the final result if they continue to exercise

Image via Amazon Japan

Click on this link if you want to buy the chest padding and this link to find out how you can get it shipped to Malaysia.

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