[VIDEO] AirAsia Steward Makes ‘Teh Tarik’ For Everyone Who Ordered The Drink Onboard

Teh tarik in the sky!

Cover image via Kaepanic YouTube

There’s just something really cool about seeing people make teh tarik right in front of you

Image via Flash-in-a-pan

It could be that the ‘tarik-ing’ action actually requires amazing hand-eye coordination or maybe it’s the fact that we know the whole routine will make a perfectly thick layer of froth that's sooo good!

P.S.: The guy in the GIF here isn't the AirAsia steward but OMG just look at his mad skills!

On a flight from Lombok to KL last weekend, an AirAsia cabin crew gave his passengers a ‘sweet treat’ for everyone who ordered teh tarik

He made teh tarik for them, 30,000 feet above ground!

“This cabin crew talked about teh tarik over the intercom and promised that he would “tarik” it in front of the passengers who ordered the drink, and he actually did!” said a passenger in the Backpackers Buddies Malaysia (BBM) Facebook group.

According to a passenger, he was doing such a great job promoting the teh tarik that "at least two people in every row ordered the drink"

“Special VIP treatment by an excellent staff. I got myself a teh tarik in flight at 30,000 feet above ground”, said passenger, Pavan Avadiar, on Facebook.

WATCH the skilful steward in action!

We wish we were there to see this live in action! Maybe next time, he'll be able to tarik two to three cups at once?

Apparently, this isn't the first time the steward has showed his teh tarik skills on a flight

According to a few social media users in the Backpackers Buddies Malaysia (BBM) Facebook group, he's done the same on a flight to Solo, Indonesia and another said he made teh tarik on the way to Shenzen, China, too.

Well done, cabin crew!

What's a teh tarik story without ending it with a classic ol' meme like this, right? :P

Image via SAYs

The AirAsia team has recently been seen pulling off a few funny, spontaneous moves...

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