Insta-Worthy Photos Taken At This Famous Bali Spot Is Actually Just A Photography Trick

Wait, there's actually no water in the picture?

Cover image via postimg.cc

Perched on the hilltop of Mount Lempuyang, the “Gates of Heaven” is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bali

Located at Lempuyang Temple, it showcases a breath-taking view of the mountainous region of Mount Agung and the horizon, making it an Insta-worthy location.

As one of the oldest and highly regarded temples in Bali, the "Gates of Heaven" is a stunning “split gate” of Hindu Balinese architecture representing the boundary between the outer world and the realm.

The pictures look magnificent, don't they? But here's the twist.

An editor from Fortune Magazine, Polina Marinova shared her experience of getting her photo taken at the temple.

In a tweet, she revealed that the pictures were actually taken by holding a piece of mirror near the camera to reflect the skyline.

The photographer taking the pictures with a phone camera and a mirror

Image via Polina Marinova

Here's how the Gates of Heaven actually looks like in real life:

Image via Bernard
Image via Okky Madasari

While these pictures do not look as beautiful as those heavily-edited mirror images, they are still appealing to the eyes.

The picturesque temple and scenic mountains are certainly more than adequate to make a beautiful picture. 

Do you think the pictures are still Insta-worthy even without the photo trick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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