16 Most Anxiety-Inducing Things Every Introvert Goes Through During Raya

Surviving Raya season 101.

  • Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE celebrating Raya! It’s the most wonderful time filled with lemang, rendang and the best food around! :D

  • The only thing we’re afraid of: Our extreme awkwardness when it comes to seeing the extended family and "family friends" you don’t recognize

  • Here are just some anxiety-inducing things any introvert can relate to during the Raya season:

  • 1. When you’re listing down your wrong-doings during the bermaafan session with your parents and your relatives start listening

  • 2. When your house doorbell rings, and you see a bunch of people you don’t know

  • 3. But it’s okay because you already have plans of isolating yourself in your room

  • 4. This is how your little cousins will be when you're hiding inside your room

  • 5. When your parents drag you along to ALL the open houses but you just wanna stay home and eat your ketupat in peace

  • 6. Looking for pets to play with when you get there so that you don’t have to actually talk to people

  • 7. When an uncle who doesn’t recognise you asks “Anak siapa ni?” and you feel weird using your parent’s first name

  • 8. When your distant relative keeps asking if you’re taking SPM this year, EVERY YEAR

  • 9. When you accidentally make eye contact with that sibuk auntie who likes asking about your non-existent significant other

  • 10. When there’s a long line at the buffet station and you don’t wanna hold up the queue so you end up taking random things you don’t even want

  • 11. When you’re full but your auntie tambah your food because she assumes you’re too shy to ask

  • 12. When you get stuck sitting beside an extremely chatty acquaintance

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    • It gets even more uncomfortable when they realise how awkward you really are.

  • 13. When you’re suddenly soooo interested with whatever’s playing on TV

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    • Just because you want to make it less awkward for not having topics to talk about.

  • 14. When you're carrying someone's baby and they start crying

  • 15. When your parents finally get up to leave but they end up spending 30 more minutes chatting at the door and you’re just standing there not knowing what to do

  • 16. When you come home and start recalling all the awkward conversations you had throughout all the open houses

  • Happy Raya to all the introverts out there! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. :D

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