11 Interesting Ways Humans Have Reinvented The Apple

These next-level fruits are cool without even trying.

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Who would have thought a humble fruit would inspire a technological empire?

Fun fact: Apple Inc. was inspired by Silicon Valley’s base in fruit orchards, as well as Steve Job’s fruitarian diet choice when the company was formed. The iconic logo could have been a whole apple, but Jobs felt the bitten-off version is just that much cuter!

Far from being boring, apples have been reimagined as many, many exciting things! How many of these cool uses of apples do you know?

1. When they act as a 'moisturiser' for your baked goodies

Image via US Apples

Store your cakes and baked treats with half an apple; the moisture from the fruit will keep the goods fresh and moist.

2. When they help fellow apples and other fruits to ripen

Apples release ethylene gas, which speeds ripening. To ripen your fruits fast, keep them with a ripened apple.

Note: This trick doesn't work with oranges, pineapples, or tangerines, however.

3. When they effortlessly level up your art projects

Remember the days of art class, where you’d stamp cut-up potatoes onto the art block? It's time to try the hipster-fied version: apple halves on canvas!

4. When they transform into a quirky puzzle

Image via Mental Floss

With just four strategic cuts, you can turn your sweet snack into a cool puzzle. Here's how you do it.

5. When they make your neighbours wonder where you get your festive décor inspirations from

There's something undeniably magical about forgoing plastic baubles in favour of a home-made dried apple garland.

6. When they're turned into unique ciders

Apples are, after all, the essence of cider: a beverage made possible with the fermented juice of apples. The best part? Ciders taste really well when infused with extracts of fruits, honey, or elderflower!

7. When they are the saving grace to your jar of clumpy, hardened brown sugar

Image via Svetlepote

If you're wondering what to do with your jar of hardened brown sugar, place it in a sealed plastic bag with an apple wedge. Keep it in a dry place for a day or two and watch your sugar transform into its granulated form again!

8. When they become the perfect accent to a dinner party

Image via Polka Dot Made

Not only do these apple tea-lights lend a uniquely refreshing look to parties and events, they require minimal effort too! Just hollow out the top part of the fruit, insert a tea light, and you're good to go.

9. When they become your skin's best friend

Image via Lily Pebbles

Apples' antioxidant properties can help relieve skin damage from the sun, while its glycolic acid content helps to exfoliate and clear your pores. Try mixing blended apple with honey for an uplifting, all-natural face mask.

10. When they save your stews and soups from being a salty disaster

If you've gone a tad overboard with the salt, just add some apple wedges in for 10 minutes; the apple will soak up the excess salt.

11. When they make oral hygiene fun

Image via GIFs Gallery

Their mildly acidic nature and rough, fibre-rich flesh make them the ideal food for cleansing and brightening teeth, while their crunchiness helps to scrub away stubborn stains over time.

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