Baggage Conveyor Belt In Changi Airport Goes Viral For Being "Polite"

Hello KLIA?

Cover image via Reddit r/oddlysatisfying

For the past few years, Singapore Changi Airport has been crowned as the world's best airport and it's not difficult to see why

It has a swimming pool, a movie theatre, a butterfly garden, and a massive man-made waterfall  - all of which are very 'un-airportlike'. 

A recent video posted on Reddit r/oddlysatisfying has just added to that list by showing off the airport's luggage conveyor belt.

The clip was upvoted over 76,000 times since it was posted on 1 December.

It's an unstated fact that luggage often goes through quite a bit of shoving and chucking when travelling.

But no, not at Changi.

Its baggage conveyor belt has been called "polite". Each bag waits patiently before moving onto the belt to avoid clashing into other luggage. 

As a result, the bags slide on perfectly in between empty gaps. 

Image via Mothership

Since then, people have joked about how the system is so "polite"

Meanwhile, someone explained how the belt works

TL;DR it's programming science.

Image via Reddit

Watch the full video below:

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