Someone Called Bomba Claiming "A Wild Beast" Was Trapped In A Cabinet. Guys, It Was A Fly.

*Insert facepalm emoji*

Cover image via Bomba Alor Setar/Facebook & IMGBIN

On Saturday, 14 December, the Facebook page of Bomba Alor Setar uploaded a pair of photos their team took after responding to a call regarding "a wild beast" trapped in a cabinet at a house in Anak Bukit

The caller had claimed that the "wild beast/animal" was trapped inside the cabinet.

Following which, a team of firemen, multiple fire engines, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), as well as the other tools that are required during such an emergency were dispatched to the location in Kedah.

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Once at the location, the team found out it was just "a fly"

"History was to be created for all Bomba Alor Setar firefighters," the Bomba Alor Setar Facebook page wrote before revealing the "wild beast" for which their team was called in.

Yep. A fly!

Image via Bomba Alor Setar/Facebook

To their credit, the firemen were amused

The post with the team of firemen who responded to the call tagged in carried a humorous tone.

And at the time of writing, the Facebook post had received over a thousand reactions with a majority of them giving it a "laugh" react. It was also shared over 1,600 times.

Who knows, maybe the fly was from Ant-Man and the Wasp?!


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