Boy Jumps 1,000 Times A Day To Grow Taller But Still Ends Up Being Shortest In Class

He did it for a whole year.

Cover image via Mark Schiefelbein/Prospect Magazine

Ever wanted to be taller? Would you have done anything to gain an extra few inches in height?

If you did, then you will relate to this kid.

A 12-year-old boy in China was encouraged by his parents to jump 1,000 times a day in hopes that he would grow taller.

EBC News reported earlier this week that the boy's parents had even offered him money as a reward.

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Image via Mark Schiefelbein/Prospect Magazine

To entice him, they gave him 10 yuan (RM6) for every 1,000 jumps

On some days he would do up to 3,000 jumps just to earn extra cash.

Unfortunately, his hard work never paid off.

After skipping for one whole year, the boy still ended up being the shortest in class.

On top of it all, he became fatter.

With all the pocket money he had earned from jumping - 4,000 yuan (RM2,349) - the boy confessed that he had spent it on snacks, like potato chips.

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Much to his parent's disappointment, their method of motivation ended up backfiring instead.

Guess you could say their hopes were stunted.

Have your parents ever advised you to follow some Asian tradition or myth that didn't actually work?

If you're heading home to visit relatives, you may wanna prep yourselves mentally:

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