Teen Writes Apology Letter To Giant For Stealing Flying Fish Biscuits When He Was Younger

He attached RM30 with the letter to pay for the biscuits.

Cover image via Retail News Asia & Twitter @Cameliamalik26

On Tuesday, 8 October, a Twitter user posted a photo of a handwritten letter and three RM10 notes

"I have been working at Giant for a long time now, but it is so hard to get honest customers like this," wrote @Cameliamalik26.

The tweet has since garnered 5,800 retweets and 4,500 likes.

A teenage boy had written the letter to apologise to Giant Hypermarket.

He explained that when he was a child, he used to steal flying fish biscuits from the bulk section.

The letter wrote, "Hi, Giant. Here is RM30. When I was nine years old, I stole some flying fish biscuits from your bulk section where people could buy biscuits and nuts and then weigh them before paying."

He added, "I didn't just steal it once or twice. I kept stealing those biscuits throughout my primary school years every time my family used to visit Giant Shah Alam. I am now 15 years old. I never stole more than a handful, only three to seven pieces at a time."

"So I would like to apologise a thousand times. Please accept this RM30 and keep the change. I'm sorry I couldn't say sorry face-to-face as I've moved to Terengganu."

The precious boy even ended the letter with a drawing of the flying fish biscuits.

You know, to make sure the staff knew what he was talking about.

Netizens praised the teenager for his honesty

One Twitter user wrote, "May this boy be blessed for being so honest. By the way, the fish biscuits are so cute!"

"Wow! So proud of this boy!" exclaimed a netizen.

"His parents raised him right," said another Twitter user.

Read the full letter here:

Remember everyone, honesty is the best policy. Good job, kiddo!

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