'Among Us'-Shaped Nugget From McDonald's BTS Meal Sells For Over RM400,000 On eBay

The BTS Meal McNugget's condition was described as 'used' by the seller.

Cover image via PlacesAndFoods (Youtube) & polizna (eBay)

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What would happen when the cosmos align fast food giant McDonald's McNugget, the biggest band in the world BTS, and online game craze Among Us in a straight line?

A bidding war on eBay!

Following the successful launch of BTS Meal on 26 May — a collaboration between McDonald's and Billboard Number 1 band BTS — items from the meal have found their way onto online marketplaces around the world.

Now, adding on to the hype, one lucky buyer found a Chicken McNugget in the BTS Meal shaped suspiciously like a character from hit game Among Us.

The lucky buyer then listed the 'BTS x McDonald's x Among Us' nugget on eBay on Friday, 28 May.

After a full week of bidding, the price of the nugget has been sold for USD99,997.00, which is a whopping RM412,837.61!

Image via polizna/eBay

According to the listing on eBay, the bid was set up by seller 'polizna' from Utah, US

The item was titled 'McDonald's Among Us shaped Nugget from BTS Meal'.

The photos on the page show the nugget has been placed in an IKEA re-sealable zipper bag.

The bid ended at 3.06pm Malaysian time today, 4 June.

At the time of writing, it is not known who the successful bidder of the special McNugget is.

Image via polizna/eBay

Writing in the description, it said this special piece of McNugget is expected to only last for 14 days and will be immediately sent to the successful bidder before it expires

The McNugget's condition was listed as 'used'.

With regards to logistics, the McNugget will be packaged with airtight packaging to maintain its "freshness". It will be shipped using the first class shipping service from USPS.

Following the attention that this McNugget garnered over the week, the seller also mentioned that they would add extra sides with the nugget before being delivered.

Image via polizna/eBay

While the biding was ongoing, the official Among Us Twitter page said they were confused by the strange demand of the McNugget

"There's a USD34,443.43 among us chicken nugget on sale and I don't know how to feel about it? But also? I want it," they tweeted on 2 June.

In the replies, the Among Us Twitter account discussed the price with McDonald's and Xbox.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

The Twitter account also replied to a bunch of replies under the tweet, amusing thousands of gamers as well as BTS and McDonald's fans alike.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Last week, netizens found the packaging for the BTS Meal being sold at a higher price point on Carousell and Shopee:

The BTS Meal, which was first announced by McDonald's last month, has been well received so far:

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