Malaysian Goes Viral For Discovering Hilarious Reason Why McD's BTS Nuggets Are So Popular

No wonder.

Cover image via @azminzainal_ (TikTok)

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As expected, BTS' latest collaboration with McDonald's has taken the world by storm

The limited-edition 'BTS Meal', which comes with 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, a Coke, Medium Fries, and two exclusive sauces, was released in Malaysia on Wednesday, 26 May.

BTS fans aka ARMYs rushed to get their hands on the meal as soon as it was out and within just 24 hours of its launch, people were already selling the packaging (yes, EMPTY packaging) on Shopee and Carousell.

With BTS being one of the most popular K-pop boy bands currently, it's no surprise that the McDonald's meal was seen trending all over social media. 

One customer, Azmin Zainal, however, took to TikTok to reveal another reason why the RM17 meal is probably such a big deal

In the video, Azmin is seen picking up a nugget from the meal, munching on it, and magically turning into an 'oppa'. No plastic surgery needed.

His hilarious video has received over 4.6 million views since it was posted on TikTok two days ago. Someone else reshared it on Facebook, which has garnered over 69,000 shares.

Since the video went viral, people have been tagging their friends asking if this also happened to them

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, others finally understood the hype

Image via Facebook
Image via TikTok

The upgrade we never knew we needed.

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