"First One To Stand Pays For Dinner" — Cheeky Bet Ends With Friends Sitting In The Rain

So, who ended up paying for dinner?

Cover image via @maggiebakarr (TikTok)

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We've all made fun bets with our friends at some point in our lives — but has it ever ended with you getting soaked in the rain?

A recent TikTok has been going viral after a cheeky bet left a group of friends sitting directly under a lively storm cloud.

In the 15-second feature, four friends, including the poster of the video, Afif Alzam, can be seen sitting outside a mamak stall — specifically, in the pouring rain. The three men in the video chuckle away as they sit in the rain. One friend in particular can be seen laying his head on the table.

While it seemed rather unusual for the group to randomly be sitting in the rain, the caption of the TikTok seemed to explain it all.

"Whoever gets up first, pays for the meal," it read.

With no real conclusion to the situation, the clip ends with all four men still sitting at the table as the harsh rain pours down.

Nothing short of entertaining, the clip has since racked up over six million views and almost 500,000 likes at the time of writing

A large majority of people in the comments section couldn't help but crack jokes at the group.

"It's just a passing cloud," wrote one user, while another stated that they were sitting in the rain as a form of healing.

However, one user stated, with some hints of truth, that a man's will is strong and hard.

Some even pointed out that they had waited under the rain for so long that their mugs refilled with 'water' again.

"Have a drink, brother, your glass has been topped up," joked one user.

Others opined that they would have given in and paid the bill if they were in the situation, as they wouldn't have had the will to sit there for an extended period of time.

"Just pay the bill, at most, it would be RM30. If you get sick and have to go to the clinic, it'll probably be RM65," penned another user.

Adding to the humour, a couple of users even said that they 'heard' the men are still there today, waiting for the first person to get up and pay for the meal.

However, one question that seemed to encapsulate what the majority of the audience was thinking came from a user who asked, "Who ended up paying the bill?"

In a follow up TikTok by Afif, it was revealed that the friend who ended up caving first and paying the bill was the man who had leaned his head on the table in the first clip

Drying off in the shade, the friends can be seen getting their things together before leaving the mamak, all while soaking wet.

Watch the full clip of that below:

Not gonna lie, this is friendship goals right here!

While this group sat in the rain to determine who would pay for dinner, another group treated one of their friends to a classic McDonald's birthday party:

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