Photographer Captures Stunning Image Of The KLCC Twin Towers & Genting Highlands Together


Cover image via Rong Jie (Facebook)

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The phrase often goes that on a clear day, you can see forever. But does the same idea apply when night time arrives?

A recent series of photos have been taking social media by storm after one Malaysian captured an image that was astonishing, to say the least.

In a post made to his Instagram page on 6 February, self-proclaimed hobbyist photographer Rong Jie shared images he took of the KLCC Twins Towers and Genting Highlands. There's just one crazy detail: they're both in the same picture!

To be described as simply as possible, Rong Jie managed to take pictures of the KLCC Twin Towers with the Genting Highlands Casino appearing right behind it — as though they were just metres away from each other.

Adding more context to the situation, Rong Jie also revealed that he took the photos from an apartment complex in Bukit Jalil.

The Petronas Twin Towers and the Genting Highlands Casino.

Image via @rj.rongjie (Instagram)

"It was a feast of fireworks last night. So glad to be able to capture the Twin Towers, Genting Highlands, and fireworks in one frame!" Rong Jie shared in an Instagram post.

Blown away by his work, many people praised Rong Jie for being a skilled photographer and managing to capture a pretty miraculous shot

The vast majority of individuals were in awe over Rong Jie's photos, calling it everything from incredible to absolutely amazing.

"You've got one hell of a talent to take such a picture!" wrote on Instagram user, while another said that his images gave the illusion of an island floating in the sky.

A few users even called the shot award-worthy.

"This is amazing brother, you deserve an Oscar!" penned another user.

One user jokingly asked Rong Jie how many days he waited for the clouds to clear for him to take such a shot from Bukit Jalil, to which he responded, "I was praying every day."

Though one user praised the shot and said that the naked eye couldn't even catch such an image, Rong Jie differed with his opinion slightly, saying that it was possible.

"We can actually, but it's not this big," he said in reference to his images.

However, the virality of the pictures caused a few people to doubt its authenticity — with some even calling the photos fake

"Is this for real?" asked someone in the comments section.

In an attempt to defend Rong Jie, one user suggested that the photographer share what he did to be able to get those photos, to prove its authenticity.

"Brother, there are people saying this is a fake picture. Please share your behind the scenes process and what camera you used," they added.

Two days after making the original post, Rong Jie shared a behind-the-scenes look at how he got the series of photos, proving that it was authentic after all

Taking to his Instagram page, Rong Jie published a video showing a lower-grade quality camera zooming into the distance. While the image itself was less clear than the photos he took with his professional camera, viewers could definitely see the two locations at first glance.

Rong Jie also shared the camera he used to take the shots, which was a Sony Alpha 7 III. As for the biggest contributing factor to getting the photos, Rong Jie revealed that he used a FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS lens, allowing him to gain a detailed amount of clarity despite being quite a distance away.

Check out his behind the scenes video below:

Check out the full series of photos taken by Rong Jie below:

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