Watch These Dedicated Sign Language Interpreters Giving The Best Show At Coldplay S'pore

So wholesome.

Cover image via @neilenore (TikTok) & @rastnyoctiana (TikTok)

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The nights have been filled with magic as Coldplay's recent concerts in Singapore saw thousands of fans in attendance

However, one particular section of the concerts has been getting extra attention online.  

TikTok users @rastnyoctiana and @neilenore shared videos of a Sign Language Area set up specifically for Deaf or hard of hearing fans during the shows.

Within the section are sign language interpreters signing the entire concert.

On different nights, two passionate sign language interpreters are present, regardless of the number of Deaf or hard of hearing fans in that section

On one of the nights, only one fan was visible, but the interpreters dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to ensure she had a meaningful experience.

"The power of music going beyond what you can hear," reads the caption on @neilenore's video.

Coldplay concerts are known for their commitment to inclusivity, including providing a dedicated sign language section at some of their concerts

They also offer SUBPACs for their Deaf or hard of hearing guests to feel a stronger connection to the music. SUBPACs are wearable audio systems that quietly and accurately transfers deep bass frequencies to create an immersive, physical, and full-body experience.

For the Music of the Spheres World Tour, the band also teamed up with KultureCity to provide sensory bags and a mobile sensory refuge station for those with sensory sensitivities.

Fans who are blind or have low vision are also offered touch tours before the show.

You can watch the videos below:


The power of music going beyond what you can hear Here's Daniel and Shawn, sign language interpreters for the #ColdplaySingapore concert. Guests are also wearing SUBPACs to "feel" the music. Thank you, @coldplay for always being inclusive. #deaf #deaftiktok #coldplay #music #fyp #fyp #musicofthespheresworldtour #sgtiktok #sgsl #signlanguageinterpreter #signlanguage

original sound - Neil Enore - Neil Enore

Coldplay also provides special light-up wristbands that flash, pulse, and glow to match each song during their shows:

During their one night show in KL, Coldplay paid a touching tribute to one of their late fans upon her father's request:

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