How Durable Are Condoms? Teens Around The World Have Launched Their Own Tests

First we sucked on bottles. Then we ice bucketed. Now we fill condoms with water.

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From sucking on bottles to get Kylie Jenner's lips to being doused with ice water, teens are filming themselves doing the strangest of things to showcase on the Internet


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The glass creates an airlock over the mouth, which increases the blood flow and causes the lips to swell.

And now we present to you the latest trend in 2015 - the #condomchallenge - a very bizarre stunt that involves dropping a water-filled condom on a friend's head, without breaking it

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A new viral trend that has taken shape on Twitter and Instagram through the hashtag "#condomchallenge" is a prank-ish Internet endeavor (read: dropping a literal condom on your friend's head, hoping it doesn't burst).

To participate in this challenge, you need to fill up a condom with water and drop it on your friend's head. If done correctly, the condom should cover the person's head.

A friend then stands above the person taking the challenge - who should be appropriately dressed for getting wet - and simply drops the condom onto their head. If done correctly the condom should wrap around and engulf their face while the water remains on the outside.

And yes, there's an official Twitter account called The Condom Challenge.

The challenge apparently started on 16 November, with the first video posted by two Japanese guys

The tweet has received over 9,000 likes and retweet.

The challenge is so popular that it has spread to Instagram and Facebook

20 tries and 20 condoms later.. #condomchallenge @matchu_chutrain

A video posted by Hayden McMurtrey (@hmcmurtr) on

Condom Challenge! Surprisingly harder than you'd think! Finally achieved it. Even if only for a second haha......but I did end up wearing it. #condomchallenge I challenge Jay Jones & Kane Genner to do the same.

Posted by Hyde Richardson Vines on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Many have tried. Some succeeded...


A video posted by DavidParody | YouTuber (@davidparody) on

Y pinto ese #condomchallenge

A video posted by @giannicapraro on

Condom engulfing your face = creepy.

... while some failed

For the record, it does require precise aiming.

It is reported that some users are participating in the challenge to promote safe sex and debunk the myth that a guy might not be able to wear a condom if he's too, ahem, big

In spite of the utter stupidity involved with dumping a condom filled with water on your head, some Twitter users have started using #CondomChallenge to help raise safe sex awareness, because, they reason, if it can fit around the head on a guy’s shoulder then it can most certainly fit around the one below their waist.

Did you know there's a Malaysian startup that delivers condoms?

Malaysians love to get freaky at some of the weirdest places...

Have you seen a sellotape selfie before?

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