This Cow Destined To Be Sacrificed For Aidiladha Attempted A Daring Escape By Sea

Video shows a cow taking a dip in the blue waters of Pulau Redang.

Cover image via Twitter @_capik63

Over the weekend, Muslims nationwide celebrated Hari Raya Aidiladha where an animal is sacrificed - but this cow refused to be taken alive

Muslims often sacrifice an animal - usually a goat, sheep, cow, or camel - and the meat is distributed among family members, neighbours, and the less fortunate.

One cow - which was meant to be delivered to a nearby Muslim community for them to carry out their Aidiladha sacrifice - decided to take hold of its own fate and swim to freedom.

On Saturday, 10 August, Twitter user @_capik63 shared a video of five men attempting to transfer a cow from a ferry to the Pulau Perhentian jetty before it fell into the water.

The tweet has since garnered 201,300 views and 13,300 retweets.

Initially, the cow was removed from the ferry rather easily

"This is how they transferred the cow. In the beginning, the cow was just fine and steady on all fours," the user explained. 

"Maybe it was anxious going up the stairs, that's why it decided to fold its legs and sit down like a sweet young lady," he joked.

In a separate video, two men can be seen hastily swimming after the cow to prevent its escape

In the end, they managed to capture the cow once it swam close to the beach. A boat of men awaited the fugitive cow and safely brought it to shore.

Watch the full video here:

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