Cute Father Pretends To Be AI By Updating Daughter With Witty ETA Messages

Age doesn't matter when you're young and fun at heart!

Cover image via @sujimy (TikTok)

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Having a tight family bond is one of the best feelings in this world, and this family really shows it through their fun-loving nature and zest for making each other laugh

A recent TikTok video captured the hearts of netizens when a father and his eldest daughter recorded themselves in their vehicle, on their way to pick up his other daughter from school.

While they kept the other daughter updated on their location by sending her their estimated time of arrival (ETA), the father and his eldest daughter decided to inject some humour by pretending to be an AI who sends witty messages.

In the amusing video, the father is seen driving while giving ideas to his eldest daughter to type the messages out. They laughed heartily as they showed their hilariously crafted ETA messages to the camera, with the sentence "I will arrive at SMU - Lee Kong Chian School of Business in eight minutes", followed by phrases like "Please be there or be square", "Strap up, be ready to go, and do not complain", and "Traffic is heavy but let's be lighthearted". 

When the father made a wrong turn, they crafted an apology message which said "Apologies, I missed a turn", followed by another witty message, "I am back on track and ready to pack".  

Screen grabs from the Tik Tok.

Image via @sujimy (TikTok)

Netizens could not contain it when the other daughter responded to these ETA messages with "Why the AI got attitude?"

When the other daughter hopped into the car, she began reading out the strange ETA messages to her family, playfully poking fun at the snarky AI messages as everyone laughed at them.

Her father and older sister eventually confessed to being the pranksters, prompting another round of laughter from the family. The girl chimed in, sharing that she had suspicions about those messages all along.

At the time of writing, the TikTok video has amassed 115,000 views and garnered 12,000 likes. Additionally, netizens have flooded the comments section, expressing their admiration for the family's strong bond.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

You can watch the video below:


Me and my first-born had a lot of fun pretending to be an AI and sending ETA messages to my unsuspecting daughter Qasrina #ai #prank #daughters #fyp

original sound - sujimy

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