"Comfy & Convenient" — Designer Creates Wearable Bean Bag So You Can Chill Out Anywhere

According to a representative of the brand, the clothing item was designed to 'promote relaxation'.

Cover image via The Straits Times (YouTube)

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Clothes should be two things: stylish and comfortable.

Well, maybe just the latter of the two for certain occasions.

While the Japanese are known for their adeptness at making life processes easier, one interesting creation may be turning things on its head.

Takikou Sewing, an establishment that specialises in the making of beanbags, or otherwise referred to as 'bean cushions', has made a fairly reputable name for themselves in Okazaki City, Japan. However, one of their latest innovative creations has made waves online for amalgamating the concepts of comfort and fashion — a wearable beanbag.

Yep, you heard that right.

Worn just the way you'd throw a T-shirt on, the wearable bean bag is a literal beanbag that hugs your body like any article of clothing. Meant to keep you warm for extended periods of time, the item is supposed to be just the thing you can wear "anytime and anywhere".

A woman displaying the wearable beanbag.

Image via The Straits Times (YouTube)

According to Shogo Takikawa, a representative of the company, the creation of the onion-shaped beanbags are meant to promote relaxation

"The concept was born out of the idea of a cushion that would allow you to totally let go, anytime, anywhere. You can put this on and chill out in your living room or loads of other places. That's why we created it," said the representative in an interview video published by Reuters Asia.

As of present, the item comes in three different sizes: for kids, medium, and large. The item also comes in four colours: grey, brown, green, and white.

In a video displaying the item, two people can be seen demonstrating how to wear the bean bags while doing their daily routines, which included napping, using a laptop, and walking around. 

"It makes you a little heavy around the middle, but it's good fun," said one of the users, while the other opined that it was lighter and warmer than she thought. "You'd feel pretty toasty after putting this on," she added.

A man lying down in the wearable beanbag.

Image via The Straits Times (YouTube)

The item currently retails for between JPY7,800 to JPY15,800 (approximately between RM256 to RM518) and can be found online

The item can currently be found on Japanese shopping website Rakuten, and may be shipped internationally depending on availability.

Would you wear this beanbag as a fashion statement? Let us know!

Check out the full breakdown of the clothing item below:

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