11 Problems People Who Eat At Their Desk Will Never Confess

There's nothing quite as oddly satisfying as finding 2-month-old salad bits lodged between the alphabets of your keyboard.

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So your colleagues think you're sad for eating lunch at your desk. But you LOVE IT!

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Except for the times when...

1. Your office pantry doesn't have a microwave…

Cold food > starving though, right?

2. If there’s a microwave, it eats up your lunch more than you do

3. Your colleagues come back from lunch and they’re all laughing except you :(

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Or are they laughing AT you? Hmmm....

4. Your friends ajak you for drinks after work but you also need to cook tomorrow's lunch:

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5. You ‘accidentally’ eat your lunch at 10.30am

6. The entire office smells like the belacan in your lunch box

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7. An urgent email comes in justtt as you started digging into that pile of fries

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If only you were eating something really quick and convenient. Like a wrap.

8. You're familiar with Google searches like "How to get rid of cili sos stuck in keyboard"

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9. There's ZERO space on the desk for your lunch

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10. You've packed an amazing lunch... and realise you left it AT HOME

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Which brings you to the debate on whether or not it's worth an Uber trip home to rescue your lunch box.

11. You're forced to raid the office fridge for anything remotely edible and call it lunch

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But despite all that, you know lunching at your desk really isn't all that bad. For one thing, you get to avoid the awkward 15-minute "Where to makan?" debate everyday!

You can't honestly say you don't enjoy watching your colleagues' long-winded indecisiveness while you're already halfway through your wholesome awesome meal.

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You know eating at your desk can be phenomenal when you do it right. On days that you could use a little extra something, there's always the fiesta of flavours in KFC's new Ole Ole Rice Wrap to look forward to!

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It's a fiesta of flavors you’ll have to try, to know. Get filled up on the delish combination of flavorful Mexican Rice, crunchy Zinger strips, tossed with fresh cucumber, tomatoes and onions, with a kick of tangy Mexican Salsa – all wrapped in a toasted tortilla. YASSSSS!

Priced from RM5.90, it fits perfectly in your makan budget too!

Here's to awesome desk lunches!

This would totally come in handy though:

KFC = epic menu ideas! Which of these would you try?

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