People Are Turning Their Durian Shells Into Cat Combs & The Kitties Actually Love It


Cover image via China Daily Hong Kong (Facebook) & MathildaZ/@meowed (Instagram)

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Don't throw away your durian shells, they might come in handy if you own a cat.

Several videos online are showing cat owners brushing their kitties' fur with empty durian husks.

Not only does it seem to remove their loose fur, but the felines are enjoying every moment of it

In a video shared by Mathilda Z on the Instagram page @meowed, a cat is seen rolling over to its side as someone brushes its fur with a durian shell.

Before the video ends, the person reveals how much loose fur comes off the cat while using the husk to comb it.

Another video showed a cat in complete bliss as its owner brushed its cheeks with two durian shells

A combing session and a cat massage? Yes, please.

The video, which was shared by China Daily Hong Kong on Facebook last year, has since been watched over 3.4 million times.

Meanwhile, TikTok page @petsmeowwoof, which shares videos of pets and their cute moments, also posted someone caressing their cat with a durian shell.

While it takes the cat a few seconds to figure out what's going on, it soon turns its face towards its owner to be brushed as well.

Watch the adorable moment of realisation here:


try to use a durian shell to comb your cat. he just love it..#kittylover #kitty #fyp #catsoftiktok #combcat #durian

original sound - Petsmeowwoof

Can durian shells be a dupe for cat combs? Some people seem to think so:

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

If you have an independent cat who prefers to groom themselves, this durian-shaped brush might be a good alternative

It can be attached to the side of a cupboard or wall at a height that's comfortable for your cat to reach, and allows it to self-groom whenever it wants!

Image via Shopee

You can buy it here for under RM12.

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One pet owner recently noticed her cat balding because of the cutest reason:

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