[PHOTOS] SG Woman Creates The Cutest Cardboard Box Homes For Community Cats To Live In

The fast food-themed ones are so cute! <3

Cover image via Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats (Facebook)

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A kind-hearted woman in Singapore has made it her mission to beautify cardboard boxes for stray cats in her community so that they have a comfortable place to stay

Facebook user Janet Chin often posts about her handiwork in community group 'Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats'.

She has made over 50 of such houses to place at several HDB blocks around Singapore, in hopes that residents would not simply throw away the boxes that community cats often seek shelter in.

Chin said she began making the little cat houses in July last year after she tried rehoming some kitties she rescued off a farm

Speaking to Singapore-based platform Mothership, she, however, could not find a home from them. So, she released the cats in the neighbourhood with the permission of other kind residents, who promised to also feed and clean up after them.

She gave the rescued cats an accompanying cardboard box so that they had a place to hide in comfort in their new environment.

Chin then also came up with the idea of customising the cardboard boxes, so they would not be mistaken for trash and thrown away.

In a year since then, Chin has continued making the houses in her free time.

She makes them for other cats she spots on the streets, or to sell and gift to other cat feeders who may be looking after a stray cat.

She has also blessed the 'Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats' Facebook group by sharing photos of each house, each getting fancier than before, with different themes for different locations.

The most popular designs she has made so far have been her fast food-themed cat houses, featuring familiar brands such as Starbucks, McDonald's, and KFC.

Check out some of Chin's handiwork below:

Chin shared that she has seen people stop to admire the homes, which may be the best outcome she could hope for.

Watch one of the community cats checking out their new home here:

Thank you for your kind work for the community cats of Singapore, Chin. <3

There have been previous incidents where the cardboard boxes put out for community cats were thrown away by other residents:

This stray cat in Subang also had the luxury of a kind stranger making it a cute little house on stilts:

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