Cat Gets Alarmingly Concerned After Cake Replica Of Himself Gets Eaten In Front Of Him

Existential crisis incoming.

Cover image via Everything is Cake? (YouTube)

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The level of intricacy in cake designs have skyrocketed over the past few years, with bakers being able to create virtually anything that spawns from their imagination

Among those talented individuals are the people or person behind the popular YouTube channel Everything is Cake?, which features a series of videos of various regular items being made into cakes.

From batteries to cartons of juice, cans of beans, and even mouthwash bottles, the sheer talent of the creator(s) in making these works is undoubtedly magnificent.

However, a throwback video from December 2020 has been making a resurgence online after one of their lifelike cakes was taken to the next level.

Some of the cakes made by the creators of the YouTube page.

Image via Everything is Cake? (YouTube)

In one of their YouTube videos, the creator(s) came up with a cake that resembled a British Shorthair feline

Bearing a striking resemblance to the actual cat it was based on, the cake was decked out with every detail from the whiskers down to his paws. Seeing the item through the screen, it's hardly detectable to the naked eye that the work is actually a cake.

The official cake replica of the cat.

Image via Everything is Cake? (YouTube)

Getting acquainted with his lookalike, the kitty looks pretty pleased and takes a liking to the cat cake upon first glance, even getting up close and interacting with it.

However, the air in the room shifts once the time comes for the cake to be cut and deconstructed.

Let's just say, the cat wasn't too pleased with his replica being, literally, sliced away.

Stunned, astonished, disturbed, and confused — some of the words used to describe his reaction to the cake being cut. Not knowing what to do, the cat slowly backs away and gets out of frame from the camera.

The video ends with a visual of the cake after being sliced apart, which looked pretty scrumptious and appetising overall.

The inside of the cake itself.

Image via Everything is Cake? (YouTube)

Garnering a massive response online, the YouTube video has received over 22 million views at the time of writing

Receiving a wide range of responses, many people had varying takes on the cat's reaction to the cake. Some went through the comedic route, calling his reaction priceless, or even that he'd probably need to reevaluate his whole existence.

"The cat would live the rest of his life thinking he is made of cake," joked one user.

However, a specific few also felt as though the homage was unkind, saying that the cat may have been traumatised by the series of events that took place.

"The cat was legit terrified when she started cutting into the fake one," said another user.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Multiple cat lovers also chimed in, saying that people shouldn't be concerned for the cat's well-being, as this animal is extremely intelligent. One user, who stated that they have been around cats their entire life, noted that in the video, the cat could tell that the replica wasn't real after a while.

"The cat can tell it's cake by the taste and smell but still feel creeped out by the cutting. Creepiness is a feeling that transcends species," wrote another user.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Nevertheless, some of the most fruitful comments of the bunch came from users who praised the baker who made the dessert, for having made such a realistic-looking cake.

"Jokes aside, can we appreciate whoever made this cake? Like, it's so realistic. The cake maker is so talented," complimented one user.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

We wonder how humans would react to a replica cake of themselves.

Watch the full YouTube video below:

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