Ernest Ng's Drawings Of M'sian Fast Food Chains As Classmates Are The BEST

Each fast food chain has a biodata of their own personalities!

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Ernest Ng recently took to Facebook to share a webcomic on all the fast food chains in Malaysia being in the same classroom together

In a post published today, 30 August, Ng gave each fast food chain a Malaysian nickname while also associating them with a unique personality.

What if all the fast food in Malaysia actually went to class together? I hope I didn't miss anyone out...

Posted by Bro, don't like that la, bro on Thursday, August 29, 2019

At the time of writing, Ng's post on his Facebook page, "Bro, don't like that la, bro" had received over 5,000 likes and 15,000 shares.

We spoke to Ng about his creations and how they came about, but first...

Which Malaysian fast food are you? Are you....

1. Teksas (Texas Chicken)

Teksas sleeps in class, is the most relaxed with zero stress, and he never finishes his homework.

According to Ng, Teksas' mother packs the best butter biscuit ever.

2. Kepci (KFC)

Kepci is the cool kid who flaunts the best hairstyle and always smells good. 

3. Mekdi (McDonald's)

Mekdi is the popular kid whose social media game is always on point and has lots of followers. 

Didn't we all wish we were him at one point? 

4. Begaking (Burger King)

Begaking loves to sit at the back, eat in class, but thinks the teacher doesn't know about it.

5. Pappai (Popeyes)

Pappai is rarely around as he often skips school. We hardly see him these days. 

6. Domeeno (Domino's)

Domeeno rides a motorbike to school and always fights with Pijahat but regardless, he still sits next to him. 

Deep down, they are best friends. 

7. Pijahat (Pizza Hut)

Pijahat is the gangster who sits next to Domeeno and ends up fighting with him. 

8. Wendis (Wendy's)

Wendy's currently thinking of moving schools because she's fed up with the Malaysian education system. 

9. Nadojiken (Nando's)

Nadojiken has a sharp and spicy tongue. He's always making fun of people, is great at comebacks and jokes, and has a good sense of humour. 

According to Ng, Nadojiken isn't really fast food but he deserves a spot in the classroom because the comic artist loves his social media posts. 

10. Kaus Joonear (Carl's Jr)

Kaus Joonear is a rich man's son. He wears a G-Shock watch and has a multipurpose pencil case in his backpack. He's the student who always has the expensive stuff.

11. Susiking (Sushi King)

Susiking is a hardcore anime fan who loves reading manga and watching anime. Susiking also gave himself another name in Japanese. 

12. Jolibi (Jollibee)

Jolibi is a Sabahan kid who loves saying, "Of course you can." His parents are from the Philippines. 

13. Maribaun (Marrybrown)

Maribaun is quiet and doesn't like to socialise. The teachers in class doesn't ask him any questions too. The people around Maribaun tends to forget that he exists. 

14. Romli (Ramly)

Romli always cheers everyone up. The students from next door love to socialise with him. Romli often hangs out at night. 

15. Sabweh (Subway)

Sabweh is the nerd who sits in front and always brings his food to school.

16. Endabyu (A&W) - Ernest Ng says this was "500% him" back in school!

Endabyu used to score well in class, but got slower as time passed and had to go for remedial classes. He is great at certain subjects though.

In an interview with SAYS, Ng shared that he came up with these fast food chain personalities when McDonald's 'Mekdi' sign in Bukit Bintang made headlines on 20 August

"I thought other fast food restaurants also have short forms so I (worked on) this (comic) piece first," Ng said. 

"(When I finished it), I wondered how would it look like if they went to school together hence the entire classroom post," the published author shared. 

It took Ng a week to complete his webcomic before he shared it on Facebook.

"I had to research and find out on all the available fast food outlets in Malaysia. I was hoping not to miss any but turns out I did miss out on quite a few such as SugarBun and Borenos which are located in East Malaysia," Ng said, adding that if he had to choose one of the fast food personalities, he is "500% Endabyu."

The comic artist has four published comic books, the latest titled ‘Back To School: Second Class’ which is available in Popular bookstores across Malaysia.

Which Malaysian fast food chain are you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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