[FACT OR FAKE #16] Failed Marriage Proposal Inside a Mall

We spotted a viral video of an Indian boy trying to propose his girlfriend of 3 months on Facebook. From the first go, we felt it was staged but we were not sure. So we decided to dig deep into the world wide web and have unearthed the truth for you.

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This viral video, "failed marriage proposal of an Indian Boy", spotted all over Facebook!"

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FAKE: Turns out it's a Cadbury's latest campaign for a new range of chocolates called "Bournville"

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Popular chocolate company, Cadbury, kick started its latest campaign for a new range of chocolates called "Bournville", with what could be the most epic failed wedding proposal ever.
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Cadbury’s marketing strategy for Bournville has been focused on product placement in the chocolate category, albeit, with a difference. Bournville, according to Cadbury, is not your regular chocolate.

Bournville makes the first appearance in the ‘failed proposal video’ when, during the proposal, a toy train blocks the view between the camera and the poor Indian guy. What’s the branding on the train? Cadbury Bournville. Not So Sweet.

The second appearance is pretty subtle and comes towards the end of the video when the poor Indian guy is hit by the ukulele and falls on the floor. The lady shooting the entire sequence says, “Are you okay? I really thought it was sweet.”

Here's what gave the Cadbury's campaign away

The guys just lies on the floor without doing much. He does pull himself together, but it looks too scripted.

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