[VIDEO] Man Struggles To Wash Hands In KL Mall Cause Its Faucet Only Opens For 1-Second

Who's this sink for, The Flash?

Cover image via @SamadSaidWhaaat (Twitter)

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A faucet in NU Sentral that trolls its users by dispensing water for one second is boggling the minds of amused netizens, making them wonder who it's even supposed to be for

Twitter user @SamadSaidWhaaat recently uploaded his frustrating hand-washing experience at one of the toilets at the popular KL shopping mall.

For context, the faucet in the video is one that uses a physical push mechanism that (ideally) dispenses water for a reasonable period of time — long enough for you to get a decent rinse.

To his surprise and frustration however, the faucet turns off as soon as he pushes the button, with him only managing to get his hands wet.

After a few attempts, he slumps over the sink, clearly feeling defeated, before looking over at the camera with a total 'Jim from The Office' moment.

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Netizens thought it was hilarious, sharing their own take in the comment section

One Twitter user provided an obvious solution: push it with your head, duh.

Image via Twitter

"So this is why women go to the toilet in pairs. One person presses the faucet button (while another person washes her hands). Wow, genius," another user joked.

The more you know.

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One user remarked that the toilets aren't designed for us mere humans; they were clearly designed for the Flash and Superman ONLY.

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Apparently, a lot of people were bothered by the toilets in NU Sentral for the same reason.

"This literally just happened to me last night as well at NU Sentral and I thought that the sink was broken. But when I went to use the other sinks, they were all the same! Is this supposed to be a design flaw or something?" one user lamented.

"Ha ha, they're trying to save," @SamadSaidWhaaat replied in jest, referring to water cost.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

A couple of users wanted to throw hands (honestly, same).

"Serious, weh. Last night, the same thing happened to me. I feel like the faucet's trying to pick a fight with me," one person laughed.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Watch the video here:

@samadsaidwhaaat Hate it when this happens. Cuba teka mall mana ni? #fyp #nusentral Flowers - Miley Cyrus

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