Child Fails To Get Full Marks On Test Because She Answered Airplanes Are "Lambat"

TikTok user @imnnrrzki said his niece labelled an airplane as "slow", just like a snail.

Cover image via @imnnrrzki (TikTok)

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It is not a public secret that flight delays have been getting more and more frequent over the past year.

The surprising thing is that the prevalence of the issue has gotten a Malaysian child to think that it is a norm.

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In a viral TikTok video posted over the weekend, @imnnrrzki shows his niece Alisha trying to explain why she failed to get full marks on a school test

"She scored 96 out of 100 because she thought [airplanes are] slow," reads the text on the video.

The footage shows pictures of a tortoise, tiger, bicycle, police car, snail, and airplane. Alisha's job was to answer whether the animal or transport moves in a "cepat" (fast) or "lambat" (slow) pace.

She got everything right except for the airplane, which she marked as "lambat"

When confronted by her mother in the video, she says it is slow "because didn't we wait for hours when we were flying to Taiping? (We waited) for four hours".

"It's true. Wasn't it slow? (We had to wait) for hours," she laments.

After hearing Alisha's explanation, the mother clarifies that airplanes are actually the fastest mode of transport. Their flight was slow only because of the flight delay, to which the child asks what a "delay" is.

"The flight was delayed, that was why we had to wait. Hence, the right answer is 'cepat', not 'lambat'," sighs the mother.

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At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 183,000 views and 14,200 likes

Hundreds of netizens were amused by Alisha's acute observation-turned-answer.

"This is the reality for the child," said a TikTok user while laughing.

"In a way, this child is smart for thinking of it this way. She calculated the total time needed for each transportation. That's great, [continue being] curious," applauded another.

"She makes sense. The feeling of taking a flight feels 'lambat'. I'm on the child's side," a person said in jest.

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Speaking to SAYS, @imnnrrzki shared that Alisha is eight years old and is a frequent flyer

"Last year, we celebrated Hari Raya Aidiladha in Taiping. So we took a flight from Kuching to Penang. And the flight was rescheduled to four hours from the original time. So we had to wait at the waiting bay (Kuching International Airport) for four hours," he said.

"Since we're very strict with time management, it affected her somehow because that was the time that we failed to be in Penang on time and apparently arrived at Taiping roughly at 12am."

Poor Alisha. We hope you'd never experience a delayed flight again. <3

You can watch the video below:

@imannurrezkiiiiiiiiiiiii It's the trauma for me That was her first "delayed" flight from Kuching to Penang for our family gathering in Taiping. Hence, the reason why she said "belon" is a slow machine. #fypviral #bahasasarawak #airasia #tiktoksarawak #kuchingtiktok original sound - imnnrrzki

According to the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM), the first half of 2022 received eight times more complaints compared to the same period in 2021:

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