Woman Finds Hilarious Knock-Off 'Transformers' Toy Called 'Deformation' In Local Store

It even had a broken arm. T.T

Cover image via Laila Zain/SAYS & Hairul Anuar Rahim/Harian Metro

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Ever walked into a store and noticed that all of the items look somewhat familiar... and yet aren't quite right?

Image via Bored Panda

Knock-offs can be found everywhere. Sold for a fraction of the price, most times you'll find wonky products that don't really make sense, yet are pretty hilarious.

Over the weekend, one woman, Laila, shared how she discovered a knock-off robot toy at the newly-opened NSK Grocer in 3 Damansara. 

You've heard of Transformers. But have you seen 'Deformation Of The Armor'?

Image via Laila Zain/SAYS

Priced at RM18.90, the Transformers wanna-be was blue and green, and came packaged with a broken arm. Not on purpose, of course, but still on brand. 

She also spotted other unusual toys such as this set of plastic dinosaurs in a box labelled 'Interest In A Trap'...

Image via Laila Zain/SAYS

... and a packet of toys called 'Super God Of War', which came with a plastic sword, Iron Man and Captain America miniature knock-offs, as well as two toy guns

Image via Laila Zain/SAYS

In no way do we condone fake goods. Just real laughs.

A restaurant in Beijing went viral when staff members were seen wearing fake SIA uniforms:

There's originality and then there are these:

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