This 'S'porean Restaurant' Serves 'Malay Meat' With Staff Wearing SIA Knock-Off Uniforms

The Beijing restaurant tried paying homage to Singapore, but ended up having staff wearing knock-off Singapore Airlines uniforms and a menu full of awful English translations.

Cover image via Arthur Pang (Facebook)

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A Facebook post of a Singaporean-style restaurant in Beijing has gone viral not for its food, but because of the hilarious translations of the dishes on their menu

Arthur Pang, a Malaysian working as a project manager in Beijing, shared the post recently after having dinner alone at a place called Borderless that claims to serve Singaporean and Southeast Asian food.

The 48-year-old, who hails from Kota Kinabalu, said he used to work in Singapore for nine years prior to his job in China so he was craving for some Singaporean and Southeast Asian food one night.

He told SAYS that his friend recommended Borderless to Arthur, so he decided to give it a try. The first thing that captured his attention was the waitresses in Singapore Airlines (SIA) uniform.

Well, sort of.

Amused by the knock-off SIA sarong kebaya attire, he asked for a menu.

That's when he found the awful English mistranslations:

Some of the dishes had simple spelling mistakes, but at least the food looks decent

Not sure we'd like to try the pore though, got enough on our face already.

There were a few names that were worse than spelling errors

This dish, for example, is definitely not tauhu goreng (fried tofu). Funnily enough, the word 'taufu' — which means bean curd — is derived from Cantonese, a dialect of the Chinese language.

Fried rice somehow became fried bee hoonCould this one just have been a horrible case of misprint?

Then there's "Scalded Romaine Lettuce" (stir-fried yau mak), a favourite side dish in Malaysia and Singapore that has seemingly been reduced to a bowl of raw broccoli and ice cubes.

And then there were ones that were so bizarre that left many netizens baffled

Take this fried tofu dish, for instance. We'd be afraid to order something with "Malay meat"!

On top of that were literal translations gone wrong

The error just makes the name of this dish like its ingredients list!

And for this one, instead of pratha or roti canaithey called it by how it's prepared: "Lion City throw bread".

As for the next one, we're guessing it's named by how you eat the dish?

Arthur ended up ordering two dishes, which he said were "not bad, edible but not authentic"

He tried the chicken rendang and a plate of pineapple fried rice, a.k.a. "Singaporean fried Bee Hoon".

They also offer bak kut teh and Hainanese chicken rice, Arthur told this SAYS writer. You can also order teh tarik there, but he didn't order them this time.

He added that he has been stuck in Beijing since February 2020.

"I haven't been back to Malaysia for over two years now, haven't seen my family," he said.

When asked when Arthur will be returning to Malaysia, he said that unfortunately, he can't come back because of China's strict entry rules. Returning to China would mean more than 21 days of hotel quarantine. 

"So I have to make do with the Malaysian and Singaporean restaurants in Beijing for the time being."

You can view the post here:

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