"Don't Know Want To Laugh Or Cry" – Pandelela Dives Out Of The Way Of Falling Toilet Tank

If there is someone who can survive a sudden falling of a toilet tank while emptying their bladder, it is our diving queen, Datuk Pandelela Rinong.

Cover image via Pandelela Rinong (Facebook)

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Talk about freak accidents?!

Malaysia's diving queen Datuk Pandelela Rinong experienced one of such episodes this morning, 14 April, which left her emotionally confused.

"What a morning that I will always remember," the ace diver said

Geo-tagging 'Bukit Jalil Diving Dry Gym' in a Facebook post today, Pandelela said she is thankful for being able to survive an incident with only minor cuts.

Although she did not explain her 'near-death' experience, a photo she uploaded shows a ceramic toilet tank that was supposed to be hung about 1m high, shattered on the ground.

It is believed that the Olympic medalist managed to dodge the falling toilet tank in the nick of time while she was using the washroom.

Other photos show the small injuries Pandelela sustained on her left foot, which she tried to treat with water and bandages

"Don't know want to laugh or to cry," said the bewildered diver with two emojis depicting a laughing face and an anxious face with a teardrop.

Pandelela's post has attracted over 6,000 reactions, with hundreds of netizens wishing her a speedy recovery

Some netizens cannot help but laugh at Pandelela's toilet mishap.

"I want to laugh first," a Facebook user brazenly admitted, before wishing her to get well soon.

"OMG, what did you do to the toilet?" asked another person in jest, adding, "Get well soon, dayung."

"Did you try to swing by the toilet flush? Just kidding. Take care and get well soon," read a comment.

Below is Pandelela's post about the toilet mishap:

Pandelela is possibly the most relatable national athlete:

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