[PHOTOS] Here Are Hilarious Memes Of Lewis Hamilton Sitting In Typical Malaysian Places

He seems to blend right in.

Cover image via @al__izwan (Twitter) & @ijaicool (Twitter)

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If you thought a plastic chair with Lewis Hamilton's "butt prints" being sold in Malaysia for RM2,888 was funny enough, then read on

Earlier this week, the seven-time Formula One (F1) world champion visited Kuala Lumpur to film new content with Petronas at a petrol station. 

And, as always, Malaysians were quick to spot him and take pictures at the scene.

One particular photo of him sitting on a plastic stool has gone viral after someone used their photoshopping skills to make the F1 star appear in the most typical places around Malaysia.

Here are memes of Lewis Hamilton in the most typical Malaysian places:

1. Casually bumping into you at the Ramadan bazaar

2. He's like that one friend who you always seem to bump into

3. Waiting for your mom to finish shopping but then you see your friend

4. He definitely has the best seat in the house!

5. When you teman him at the local barber shop

6. When you forgot your friend is fasting

7. He blends right in at a kopitiam

8. Eating at a roadside stall like the rest of us

9. Bang, teh 'O' ais satu!

10. Even AEON joined in on the fun

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