Feeling Sad? Someone Is Selling Words Of Encouragement On Shopee For Only RM0.20

Shopee truly has everything.

Cover image via News Hub Asia & ALKNETWORKSHOP/Shopee

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You can buy almost everything you need from Shopee, be it home decor or even McD chilli sauce

My wallet after checking everything out of my Shopee cart:

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But did you know you can also purchase words of encouragement for when you're feeling down in the dumps?

ALKNETWORKSHOP on Shopee recently garnered the attention of netizens for selling random inspirational quotes and memes to help people get through their day.

Listed as 'Kata-Kata Semangat Hari Ini' (today's words of encouragement), the seller says that it's just a service they offer to make people smile, and they noted that you shouldn't purchase it if you're already too happy.

It only costs RM0.20 and the seller left a disclaimer under the product saying that you're only encouraged to purchase it once and you will only be given one motivational meme or phrase regardless of how much you pay. Instead, the extra money will be donated to charity.

The seller, whose real name is Adam, explained to SAYS that they did not plan to sell words of encouragement.

He said that the shop was initially set up to sell e-books but once it was ready, he didn't know what e-books to sell.

"After I set up my Shopee account, I didn't know what e-book to sell. So I randomly put up 'Kata-Kata Semangat Hari Ini' for testing and I asked my friends to try it. But it went viral up until now," he explained.

"I just combined random positive motivational words with memes from the Internet," he added.

The item is currently sold out on Shopee but Adam said that he's working on getting the listing back up.

The seller has managed to garner roughly 173 sales so far and the listing received five-star ratings

One reviewer said, "Thank you, seller. My days are full of spirit. Hahaha why didn't I try to find this service earlier."

Image via Shopee

Another person commented, "Aww thank you so much for cheering up my Sunday. 9.20am proceed and 10 minutes after, I got an encouraging message from the seller. Just for fun. Those who want to be serious, don't have to buy."

Image via Shopee

"Thank you my dear brother/sister. Made my day. Returned my cheerful soul. May you continue to succeed and succeed. Wishing you good luck," one reviewer noted.

Image via Shopee

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