'Ghost' Hand Caught On Video Of A Car Being Pulled Out Of Gombak Ravine

Netizens are freaking out while trying to make sense of the video.

Cover image via Twitter @khalids

On Sunday, 11 August, a Twitter user posted a video of a Perodua Viva being pulled out of a ravine near Genting Sempah

"Car being towed out of the ravine at old Gombak road yesterday, heading towards Genting Sempah. Check out the [video] as the car is being pulled out. I can't quite figure it out," wrote Twitter user @khalids.

The tweet has since garnered 88,100 views and 1,300 retweets.

In the video, a pale, skeleton-like hand is seen throwing out a piece of black cloth from the rear window of the car

The hand then slowly slips back inside and nothing - or no one - is seen leaving the car after.

Netizens have been speculating and coming up with different theories to explain the video

One user asked, "Doesn't that area have gibbons? It looks quite like it because the fingers are similar and I see something escaping from the back."

Image via Twitter

"Sh*t, I was about to take that road to Genting yesterday night. But I speculate that one of the tow truck guys is inside the car to make sure the tow goes smoothly," another user claimed.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one netizen explained his theory of how the 'hand' is actually a tissue box being pulled back into the car.

"My rational mind: The 'hand' is from tissues from tissue box pulled back inside the car. The 'garbage' are leaves sticking on the car that sticked to the tissues, damped after the fall. As the car is being pulled, the leaves fall outside and tissues go inside. Scotomisation (sic)," he explained.

Image via Twitter

Watch the full video here:

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