Naked Boyfriend Gets Surprise Butt Wax For 'Killing' Girlfriend's Dog

In this week's #WTFWednesday, revenge isn't so sweet. Rather, it is sticky, hairy, and hurts right in the butt.

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Dominika Petrinova from Czech Republic is giving her boyfriend a surprise butt wax as a revenge for playing a mean prank on her. He had told her that her dog Sam accidentally got caught in the washing machine and she burst into tears trying to stop the machine. Tears turned to fury when he revealed that her dog was safe and it was just a joke.

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The 27-year-old girl proved to her YouTuber boyfriend Eric Meldik of the Viral Brothers that hell really has no fury like a woman's scorn.

This was how Erik pissed off his girlfriend:

Ms Dominika decided to return the favour that will serve as a painful reminder not to mess with her again

Her hilarious comeback clip shows her super gluing waxing strips to a chair. She then baits her naked boyfriend, who had his birthday just the day before, with a promise that she had one more birthday treat for him.

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Oh, you wish buddy.

Eric had just gotten out from the shower and was blindfolded. She led him naked in all his glory to sit on the chair with the surprise. When he took off his blindfolds, he was confused but still calm...

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...Till he found out that he was glued to the chair

Image via Viral Brothers
Image via Viral Brothers

His sudden realization is priceless!

Grabbing his face in agony, he realizes what he has to do is to pull himself free from the clutches of the wax, literally.

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Erik tried pulling himself off from the chair but it didn't work. You can feel his pain as he screams in agony. He even resorted to grabbing the wardrobe for extra support.

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And that just made it all the more painful.

When he finally freed himself he runs off and curls up in a ball of pain on the bed, leaving behind a very painful looking trail of hair on the bubblegum pink wax strip

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Be prepared for a lot of painful screaming when you watch the video of Dominika's revenge:

The gifs may be funny but hearing Erik's gut-wrenching screams makes us cringe from the amount of pain he is going through in this sticky situation.

Moral of the story? People show love in the weirdest of ways.

Promises of sex should always be taken with caution, this man is believed to have lost his life because of it: