Guy Racks Up Millions Of TikTok Views By Staring Blankly Into Space

Effortless influencer.

Cover image via @anhtrantan (TikTok)

While the world has been watching COVID-19 numbers fluctuate, one guy has unexpectedly risen to fame by recording himself staring blankly into his camera lens

A Vietnamese man, who goes by the name Anh Tran Tan on TikTok, has been posting videos that have gained him millions of views since September.

All he does is stare into the camera while lying down or sitting up as music plays in the background. But each video has garnered up to 7.3 million views.

While influencers strive for great editing, Anh Tran Tan proves that he doesn't even need the best lighting to be famous.

Several videos that show him presumably sitting in darkness have also racked up more than 600,000 views.

He posted his first video in September and already has almost 350,000 followers and 5.2 million likes since

Not bad. Not bad at all.

You can watch a video of him below:

Earlier this year, a Kluang guy went viral for showing himself sleeping on the Internet:

The Internet can be a wild place sometimes and everyone wants in on it, including these guys:

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