Hannah Yeoh Stunned To See Just How Large Her New Office Space Is

The Youth and Sports Minister had to take a moment to comprehend the expanse of her new office.

Cover image via @hannahyeohmp (TikTok) & @hannahyeoh (Instagram)

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Newly-minted Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh officially clocked into her new position on Monday, 6 December, and was surprised by the luxurious finishing of her assigned office

Yeoh's office is currently located in the Ministry of Youth and Sports building in Putrajaya.

The Segambut member of parliament (MP) proudly shared her experience of signing in, with media personnel capturing the moment.

Yeoh also took to her Instagram Stories to capture her first reactions to her new office, where she will be working at for the next five years.

And safe to say, the Segambut MP was, for a lack of better word... shooketh.

Upon entering her office, Yeoh surveyed the sheer size of the room in bewilderment, casting questioning glances at her entourage

With the moment recorded on her Instagram Story, the 43-year-old continued the tour of her new office, with each second revealing just how massive the space was.

Yeoh's office features a spacious sitting area, a door leading to an additional room, and the main office space, where Yeoh will presumably be spending most of her time.

While most congratulated Yeoh on her first day, many netizens shared the same reaction as her when they witnessed the unveiling of her office

Many netizens commented that Yeoh's new office was larger than most homes and could house an entire family within that space.

Image via Twitter

One netizen suggested that Yeoh should implement an open-door policy within her ministry, so that staff can use the office space as well.

Image via Twitter

Another Twitter user joked that the Segambut MP could rent out half of her office space to make some passive income.

Image via Twitter

You can watch Yeoh's full reaction to her office below:

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